Things I Love About My New House.....

*the backyard--not so big, but there IS a backyard!!
*garage....which is currently in need of being cleared out, lots of empty boxes in there...not to mention all the random things we have not found a place for yet:)
*the stairs. Sounds crazy, but Aubrey goes up them just for the sake of! We didn't have any stairs in the house in our last place(just outside) and it's so weird to think we have another level to this place!
*speaking of another level....my sewing room!! oh, and I guess technically Zach's office too;) To have my own space for once, weird.
*all the outlets!! To not have to use an extension cord every time I want to plug something in....not to mention all the times I'm wondering if this is the time I'm going to blow the fuse!
*eat. in. kitchen.
*washer and dryer...IN the house!!
*did I mention the backyard?!?
*that all the cabinets are white... and the countertops neutral, who'da thunk?!?
*our property manager....not some crazy landlord to deal with! He actually got something fixed within about 2 hours of us calling him about it and he texted us after and apologized for the long wait?!? Seriously?? Does he know where we came from???
*my walk in closet!
*TWO bathrooms!! and one's in the master suite....
*my master suite!! (so big we don't have remotely enough furniture to fill it...lookin' kinda sparse...gonna have to go garage saling, darn!)
*the rent...so cheap!!
*my new Dyson vacuum....I know it's not a part of the house, but we got it because of all the carpet in the house and our $49 Kmart special was just not gonna cut it!
*and best of all?!? N0 people living above OR below us! SO amazing!!


Amy said...

Master Suite... fancy shamcy.... lol

LOVEing your Dyson??I should sell those for a living.

YAY backyard! Yay dishwasher
Yay backyard!!!!!! Can't wait to see the inside.

Marcy said...

AND...central a/c! You're place is literally as cool as a cucumber in that hot hot Georgian sun!

Sean and Kristin said...

Yay a picture of your AMAZING house!!! so happy for you! Can't wait to see the rest of it!! (hint hint more blog pictures :) )

Astrid said...

I love your new house too!! And your walk-in closet. And your Dyson ( is it good?!? I'm thinking I'm gonna get one of them next.---they're british you know. Odd fact.)
Also love that your rent is so cheap. I love so many things. And I love Augusta. And Aubrey. And you. And Zach---but not in a creepy way. Just in a sister and brother kinda way. You know what I'm saying. Whateva.