Fun Times....

We've been getting random daily rain in these parts--but let me tell you, if you are not scared of it leaking through your roof(on the middle floor of an apartment building, grrrr still makes me mad!)....and all over your daughters furniture, then it's not so bad. And let's face it, it cools down this oven they call Augusta. And by "cools down" I mean it goes from disgustingly hot, to really hot.
There have been so many times that I've heard the rain start(accompanied by the usual thunder and lightning) and my heart starts to pound and I almost stop what I'm doing to run to see if it's leaking. Seriously, I've been traumatized. But hey, it's all good, cuz our old landlords told us that they were good landlords to us....no joke. Straight up looked in my face, right after doing the walk through and seeing that it was still leaking, and said, "we were good landlords, right?! We tried."
Stunned silence from moi.
Can I just say that it is SO good to be rid of those people?!? Well, not quite...they withheld some of our damage deposit for no reason and now poor Zach has the task of getting it back!
Ok, rant over.
Back to the rain.... Aubrey was lucky to have the much-cooler-than-mommy Anna here during one particular downpour (that had no lightening and thunder) and they went out for some fun!
Not sure who loved it more(not even kidding, Anna was in her happy place) and Aubrey has not stopped talking about it since!


Amy said...

WOW fun. I love those. Playing in the rain is awesome. looks like Aubrey had some fun too.

I am loving the randomness of your post.

missed you tons today as I was thinking it was about a year ago at VBS that we first met. I believe the first words that you uttered to me were... " Is that Amy Butler Fabric" haha kindred spirits.

Mary L said...

I finally joined your site!! I just had to figure out how to tell you how much this blog means to me. Makes me feel like I am a little bit part of Aubrey's day to day life. I love, love, love these rain shots. You go, dancing

Astrid said...

Ummmmmmmmm..........no wonder they were puddle jumping!! C'mon! How awesome was that?!? I just hope we get those type of puddles when we come to visit. That's right. I said when. And we will......... ju betcha pi-la-grem.

Marcy said...

This is awesome! Looks like they're havin a great time!