Random Thoughts....

*Aubrey just left with Zach to go and get my "secret" Mother's Day gift:)
*As she left the house she, very loudly, announced, "Mama? We're getting your Mother's Day present...what kind of flowers you want?!?" Zach and I just burst out laughing and Zach just looked at her and shook his head.
*Aubrey has the smarts and the attitude of a 15 year old.
*I'm scared for the future...
*I'm in the house alone!
*This might be one of the best Mother's Day present I could get....time to myself...am I awful for thinking that?!?
*I'm feeling guilty now.
*I'm going to be productive now and start the laundry because of my guilt.
*oh, I forgot, I'm sick and am NOT in the mood for laundry.
*I hate being sick.
*I love listening to the sound of lawnmowers in Spring/Summer and try to have the windows open so I can, as much as possible.
*told you this would be random.
*we've caught two mice so far, and I don't know if it's my crossed eye(yes. You read right, I have one "wandering" eye....I'm cool), but I swear I see mousy movement ALL the time.
*I hate mice.
*I feel like I live in squalor...mice mixed with moving boxes(they're EVERYWHERE!) and dust because I can't get to all areas of my house because of said boxes...plus mice traps in all corners of the house--make me want to scream!
*my ever tidying/cleaning Menno heart can't take this mess.
*I'm thinking the Lord sent these mice so that I can get my "move" on, and have motivation to pack.....
*Help me.....


BluBabesCreate said...

Thanks for the compliment and the flowers ;)

Amy said...

Ahhhh that man of yours is the sweetest! Feel better.....

Laura Jo said...

Adelyn loudly announced she had made a card for me for Mother's Day, and did I want it now?! She also man-handled the "surprise" flowers so much, she left a trail of petals to the hiding place! HAHA! Adelyn and Aubrey need a reunion ASAP!