Her Highness....

Aren't these shots adorable?!? LOVE when Aubrey plays dress up, for some reason it just does my heart so good to see her use her imagination and play:) She got this particular set from our Realtor in Georgia, isn't that sweet? Like I said, the Realtor gave Aubrey a little basket of goodies and these were inside, perfect timing because we were heading back home and she needed a new distraction on the way home. We all had the pleasure of wearing the jewelry, Grammie, Daddy and I, no one was left out :) She'd giggle like crazy when someone else was wearing them and then promptly demand it be put on the next person. Ahhhh bossy 3 year olds!
This shot was from the Bronx Zoo, where we went with friends for Aubrey's birthday. This along with the picture I posted the other day on the "I Wish" post are my absolute favorite! Anyway, did you know that the Zoo's free on Wednesdays?!? Well not free per-say, but suggested donation. So the whole day, gas to get there, toll road into NYC, and Zoo for two families(mine and Amy's) was 28 dollars...AND we found free parking! Woot woot! Oh the Menno in me is SO all about that! Lisa came out with her kids, all the way from CT, had a seasons pass so she got in (and all the exhibits) for free---lucky girl! Aubrey had her favorite people there and she was in her glory! Her little friend E and Maddie .... they looked so cute toddling around there so old! I have pictures of the day, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow...seems as though I'm always trying to play picture catch-up!


In other news..... I got my new camera lens in the mail!!! Its a Pentax 50-200mm, but I like to call it a "Creeper" lens:) I'm so excited to finally have another lens to work with and it was worth saving my birthday money for! You can read about my adventure into NYC with Amy to get the lens on her blog !

In other news--part deux-- the mouse is STILL in our house! Little Houdini ate all the peanut butter off the traps we set:( Now that I'm thinking about it...did I write about the mouse before? hmmm if not, I have a mouse in my house, that I've seen scurrying around for the past few days and we've set traps and nothing. Creepy little thing scurried by my feet as I was making dinner last night! Ballsy. That's what I say. Right in broad daylight, stupid thing. I'm so DONE with this house, bugs...mice...stink bugs...it's like a third world country! Get me outta here! I was going to write about it yesterday, but decided not to because I was in an awful mood and didn't want to do an entire complaining post, cuz that's what would have happened had I started to write...bad bad bad mood for some reason...so I spared you...You're welcome ;)


Sean and Kristin said...

Oh my gosh that picture of Aubrey laughing is to die for!! Can you post a picture of Zach wearing her jewels?? :)

Amy said...

ess mice are nasty little creatures.When I die I am going to ask the Lord why he made them... and can't wait to see your new creeper lens shots... did you see if you can see in your neighbors windows yet? JUST KIDDING.

the realtor in GA sounds awesome How sweet and I love that Zach wore her jewels.

By the way I feel something special when I view that photo of her laughing... since I was the one she was laughing at... HAHA.

Great shots Jen.

Marcy said...

Is it just me or are those giant clip on earrings a little creepy for a 3 year old? Just sayin...