And Now, Deep Thoughts.....

Anyone remember that from SNL?!? How do I remember you ask, being only 27? Simple really, I had older brothers...like 12 years older than me, older! With that kind of age difference a poor child ends up watching things well beyond their years(and listening too... Montley Crue, Guns N'Roses, Def Leppard.....the list goes on)! No matter how many times my mom would try and rescue me from the bowels of my brothers bedrooms, or from their giant group of friends in the basement/front yard gathering around their "cool" new cars/motorcycles, I kept going back....

Which leads me to the other problem, my brothers adored me:) Seriously though, I can't remember an instance where they were EVER mean to me, and their friends weren't either. I have three older brothers, one 12 years older, one 11 years older and one 8 years older and they all treated me like a princess(my sister on the other hand....).

This is what my mom was battling, I would run downstairs to play with them, they'd be watching SNL, they'd welcome me into their giant group of friends, I'd sit there---on my latest crushes lap, fall in love---and I'd watch/listen to whatever they were. Then my mom would come(for the hundredth time),pull me out, put me back in bed and I'd sneak out again. Trouble. I sometimes think it would have been easier for my mom if my brothers hated me, or thought I was a giant pest. Alas, I was tooo wonderful and they couldn't get enough;)

Allllll that to explain the title of this post....how's that for a bunny trail?!?

*I'm gonna go with the random style again today...it's where my head is....don't believe me? Reread above story;)

*I've laced this post with pictures of two of the three dates Zach and I went on while my parents were here...to Brooklyn and Hoboken....you're welcome.

*we're heading to Connecticut to today to spend some time with wonderful friends we haven't seen since Thanksgiving!

*I've been spending most of my time either studying for the written test to switch my licence over to an NJ one....or procrastinating it:)

*found out the manual for it is...get ready....231 pages long!!!

*I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before....I HATE studying! I know, hate is a strong word...but it applies.

*I have mega anxiety attacks when I am in a test setting...no joke...wish I recognised this in high school, probably would have felt better knowing what I was up against!

*I have to stop in between each of these points to stand on my chair and make tons of noise so the mouse that is scratching around my ceiling will stop.

*I'm so ready to get out of this apartment!

*mice are gross. *my coffee maker has now morphed itself into a cappuccino machine....I put in enough water/beans for 6 cups(yes, all for me) and out comes 2...of the strongest cups of espresso EVER. and I like my coffee strong.

*I'm waiting for my pending ulcer to show up.

*I LOVE Hoboken. If given the chance, I think I'd live there and then be super close to Manhattan and be in my happy place:)

*As much as I love Hoboken...I love Boston more!

*I'm going to Boston next weekend...2 of my 3 birthdays that we've lived in these-here-parts will have been spend there!!

*That is Brooklyn Bridge in the above picture. *Zach's mom is going to be here this next week! Aubrey=happy. *I have waaaay more pictures that "thoughts" so this is going to be a little lop-sided:) *I warned you that I had can't-decide-between-pictures-and-decide-to-post-them-all-itis.*Am I the only one who has issues with the auto spacing on the blog??!?


Marcy said...

Marcy's random thoughts:
*Tom always wonders why I know these random 80's songs...gotta say, it's cuz of you
*I miss watching SNL with you...actually I miss watching and rewatching one particular SNL episode...teeheehee!
*Did you get a canoli in Hobokon??
*It's been 10 years since you've last studied!! C'mon Jen! You can do iiiiiiit!!!
*I think I get ulcers every time I drink your regular coffee
*I love you

Amy said...

Mice.... Oh my.
Love snl from the late 80's and early 90's...toonces the driving cat...
I love looking at your many many photographs....
I am still laughing at picturing you standing up on your chair trying to scare a mouse away.... Again yuck.
Your coffee is the bomb. What is going on with the maker try running white vinegar thru.... Maybe it is the funky water of nj gunning it up.

And finally I love your random thought s post.