Ahhhh Dusk

I love dusk. Seriously, it's the best time of day. Everything looks so hazy and dreamy, I can't get enough! Back when we were in Grenada(yes...I still have pictures to post from that trip...and I'll probably never get through posting them all, to be honest), I could sit on the balcony at dusk and just feel God. You know what I mean?? There are just certain times in life, and in a particular day, that you know God is just showing you His love and you feel His arms around you. I get that reassurance every time I see the sun starting to set and the world is ablaze with an orangey glow! Makes me choke up and want to bawl, every time...you know, the good kind of bawling:)

One particular evening (that Aubrey and I had been able to escape our "hotel vacation"), we were down in the Grand Anse area and we took the time to just relax on the beach before hopping on the bus and heading back to the hotel. It was one of my favorite moments in Grenada, Aubrey happily playing on the beach...getting sand absolutely EVERYWHERE, and me in my glory snapping away with my camera. I didn't want to leave....and neither did Aubrey...so we just stayed. And basked in the beauty that God has created for us. Aren't we all just so blessed?!?

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Sean and Kristin said...

Wow, those pictures make me smile! She is so precious!