Another Adventure...

Yesterday was a day of ups and downs....like, TONS of them. Seriously! Amy and I had the brilliant idea a few weeks ago that we were going to go and see The Pioneer Woman(Ree Drummond) at her book signing in NYC. We had our plan in place and in our minds we were set. Now enter the GIANT ice storm that hit our area....and most of the US. Feeling pretty brave, we decided to head in in spite of the weather(it was going to hit a lull last night).
Meanwhile, Zach was supposed to head to California this morning(for a conference) and his boss(having seen the weather report) decided that Zach should get out as soon as he could(meaning that day) to beat the weather....meaning I had no one to watch Aubrey:( Now, Amy and I thought it was over at this point, but little did we know that Zach would not find a flight(yay! we're going) and then find one(boo, not going) and this went on a few times. I was officially "in a glass cage of emotion"!
To make a long story....well, just as long.... Zach never ended up getting a flight out yesterday and his flight this morning was cancelled as well. So we were back to thinking, YAY!!(I mean boo for Zach, but YAY for us!!)
When we got to the Barnes & Noble in Union Square--after taking a train and the subway to get there--we quickly bought Ree's book(it had just come out yesterday) and went up and scored front row seats!!
We were feeling pretty cool, way up there in the front, but thought that our luck would be short lived and we'd have to move....nope!! It was awesome! Her family was sitting right next to us:) Ree was funny and beautiful and just plain ol' down to earth awesomeness.
It was such a weird feeling to think that all the people in the audience knew so much about her, but she had no clue who we were.... That must be so strange.

She spoke for a while, answered some questions and then got down to the signing. We were first up and feeling nervous. We didn't think we could take a picture with her and then(after getting our books signed) saw that other people were! So we did what any other stalker-like people would have done, we got back in the line(the very back) and waited to get ours taken with her too....I think we might have freaked her out! Oh well, not like we were going to see her again...over it.

Our picture with her is on Amy's camera, so I don't have it yet....
We had so much fun, not like I doubted that. Just having another night out without the kids was awesome and it's times like this that you remember forever! Just another fun memory made with Amy :)


Amy said...

Awesome. That was so fun! Ok, what will the next adventure be. We have to fit in as much as we can before June!

Laura Jo said...

I was jealous....then saw where she will be near us at the end of the month! Now to find a willing friend to accompany me! Glad you got to go! Fun adventure!

Astrid said...

I'm just glad that The Pioneer Woman FINALLY got to meet the woman she's been blog-stalking!

Marcy said...

Nice one Astrid!