Loosing Square Footage...

So these days the office/sunroom is officially off limits. Every time I go in there I hold my breath and spray unheard of amounts of lysol to make sure there is no mold. Next will be the bleach wash down of the century. But I'm going to wait on that for a bit so I know there will be no more rain for the next little while. All the contents of the sunroom have now been crammed into our dining room. This gives me heart palpitations because I'm a bit of a neat freak and I've always loved that I could close the door on Zach's office mess. Now it's in the open and well, I got to say, he's keeping pretty neat.... so far:) The new space has now become (not so) affectionately known as Command Center, or as Lisa calls it Mega Desk!

Aubrey is liking Mega Desk though and she's always asking to "email" Gammie! What other 23month old asks to do that?!? Too cute!

Anyway, here are a few random shots of her and all her cuteness! She's all about making faces these days, the "monkey" one being her favorite!

I came home with groceries one night and she always insists on helping me with them. But every time she complains that the bags are "too heby", so this particular night she gave up and decided that this would be a great place to hang out instead!

Aubrey's fell asleep again after a nap the other day. She never does this and I had to get a shot of it!

Well Aubrey is going to wake up from her nap soon so I better stop now bacause I'm pretty sure she's not going to fall asleep again:) She is feeling a little under the weather today so I guess anything is possible...


Kimberley said...

HAHA...MEGA DESK!!! love it. that was a great episode too. hehehehe. way to roll with the punches jen!

Laura Jo said...

She is changing so much! Let's get together next week!

Amy said...

Jen, I knew I liked you.... In your 4th photo I saw that you have some heather Bailey fabric hanging up behind Aubrey..... (I have the same fabric in my stash.)

The very first words you said to me were..."Is that Amy Butler?"

A girl after my own heart!