Monsoon Season Strikes Again....

So, you know how I was talking about all that rain we've been having and the little pitter-patter that I was hearing dripping from the ceiling?? Well that has officially turned into a giant whooshing and gushing sound in our sunroom! We are flooding like crazy and of course it has to hit it's worst point in the middle of the night. Last night Zach got up randomly to check on Aubrey and I casually asked him to check on the buckets in the sunroom because a HUGE amount of rain was forecasted and I did not have a good feeling about it. Sure enough I hear a very panicked "JEN!!!" and go running to find that EVERYTHING was soaked. Now this would be bad normally with random furniture, etc. but the sunroom just happens to be Zach's office....with all his papers.... and the laptop.... and printer.... needless to say he was NOT pleased and a little more than worried at this point. To make a long story, well, long it seems, we were up from 3am until 6 just trying to clean up, set up buckets(which we had to steal from the neighbors.... good thing they're friends) and figure out where to put all the wet stuff and the dry stuff to keep it safe. Not to mention trying to fall back asleep after that.
Best part is, they are forecasting ridiculous amounts of rain again and predicting some of the worst flooding in NJ history.... oh did I mention that the landlord didn't fix anything when he came this morning just cleaned out a drain and called it good........ awesome.

What the office looked like the morning after we did the quick clean out in the middle of the night.

Set up for night.

Aubrey insists on wearing my rain boots!
(isn't she the cutest?!)

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Anna Joy said...

Thank you for the comment! I'm sorry about your office flooding! That sucks! But your daughter is too cute! :)