He's done, and we're off!!!

I can't believe that I'm writing this, but Zach is DONE med school today! It has been a long road and there is an even longer road ahead of us, but for now, we are revelling in it! We are headed to the airport in a few hours, going to see my sister and her family:) Zach and I love England(and the Jansen fam.) and can't wait to get there! So excited!
I'm using a lot of these--->!!!, but that's how I feel right now(among the usual feelings of travel panic!). I'll try and keep posting while I'm gone, but I'm not making promises, I'm crap at it. Oh, and after England we are headed back to Vancouver to see more family there. It's going to be a crazy six weeks, but it's well deserved time off for us. I hope everyone is having a fantastic day and rest of the weekend!!
Kristin, these shots are for you! I can't believe that Aubrey is two already?!? Where did time go??

Such a poser!

Went to Connecticut to help Donny and Lisa move
This was our last coffee together for the next little while:(

I'm pretty sure this is the only couple shot we've ever had together and Aubrey snuck in!

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