Change is on the horizon....

Today was officially the first day of the last week(did you get that?!?) of med school for Zach! I can not believe that this is the end?!?!? How did four years go by so fast? In that time we've...
1. lived in Grenada, WI
2. lived in New Jersey
3. had Aubrey
4. traveled back and forth to Canada more times then I can count
5. I've been to England twice(to visit sister and her fam)
And the list goes on and on! A LOT happens in four years!
I am so proud of Zach, he has worked so hard to get where he is. He's done extremely well and it makes it so much easier to move to random places and be away from family to see him love what he does:)
This next year is a year of waiting for us. Zach's a doctor, but we've decided that it's best to have a year to transition, be able to get the visa's we want in place, and have everything he needs to get the specialty he wants, before he goes into the "match". Zach's got a job doing research at the hospital he did all his core rotations at and that has been such a blessing! As much as I'm ready for a change and to get this whole residency thing going, I'm not ready for a BIG move(totally thought I was, but after a week/weekend of helping friends move, I was reminded of how hard it is!) . We get to stay in NJ longer and that'll be nice, we really like it here, so close to NYC and to everything on the Left Coast:). We've found out that other Canadian's are taking the same road as us and it just affirms our decision.
The hard thing is watching all our friends, and people we know, find out where they're going and, well, taking the next steps in the "doctor" journey. No matter how much I know what we are doing is the right decision, it's still a little hard to watch. But God has opened and closed doors enough for us in our lives that we've started to just wait for the signs (and can recognize it a lot easier these days) when He does!
Well enough of that babbling.... it's just been on my mind(obviously!):)
Another exciting thing is that we are leaving to England on Friday night ~grad present to our selves (we've been saving up for ages!). I can't wait to see my sister and her family. We ALL get along so great, kids play together great, husbands play(!!) together great too, and of course Astrid and I get along SO well. I miss her so much some times, it hurts. Now if I could move this second and be closer to her(and in England!!! I LOVE England), I would go through that hassle without hesitation!
Oh and it's Aubrey's second birthday tomorrow! BIG week for the Klaassen's:)


Sean and Kristin said...

Congratulations to you guys and yay for Zach finishing med school!! I can't believe how fast time is going either! And happy birthday to Aubrey!!! Can't wait to see pics from her birthday (hint hint) :)

Kimberley said...

wow thanks for the update. with you guys being so far away, its so good to hear where your journey is at and i agree that i think you guys are making a smart decision! enjoy your reward of finishing med school & traveling to England!! i can't believe he is FINISHED! WOW!! Congrats Zach...you're my hero!!