Garage Saling.....

.... I just hear the words and smile. I blame this on my friend Lisa; it's her fault that I am the way I am. Around this time last year she started showing up at home(they live in the apartment below us) with car loads of treasures and it got me curious. Where did she find all these wonderful things?... beautiful chests, dressers, frames, mirrors...? How could she afford it(students, like us)? And that's when she told me two words that will forever change the way I think about a saturday morning: "garage sales". How could a person not fall in love with a type of shopping that could get you a beautiful armoire for $30?? A cute teapot for two bucks, books for 50 cents, a kitchen for Aubrey for $3... yes, you read correctly, $3!!! The Menno in me shouts "hurray!" at theses prices! And so does our budget. Now Lisa, she's in a league of her own, you see, she's been doing this for years and has also found a way to turn a profit, a real pro. Me, I'm just in it for a good deal, a bargain... a morning to myself with a coffee and a twenty in my pocket. Sometimes I find nothing, but then there are times when you find a jackpot, like the little side table that I got yesterday morning for a fiver! But the point is, you never know what you are going to stumble across and all these things add up to an interestingly furnished apartment, garage-sale chic ;), and a very happy me!

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