5 am...

The new time I will be getting up for the next four weeks. Why, you might ask, am I this crazy? Well, it was not my doing, I can tell you that much. Zach is doing a general surgery rotation in Manhattan and he was planning to drive in. Well, yesterday, after the 45 dollar parking charge(yes you read correctly, 45!!) that he was supposed to be able to get validated, we decided that was just a little on the stupid side... okay, a lot on the stupid side. So after a long hard look into all the options, or should I say lack there of, we were left with just one; Aubrey and I getting up and driving him. No trains run at that hour and the option of taking a bus would have him leaving home at 3am... and I'd have to drive him to the bus station!
The drive is not so bad, 30 minutes max one way(no traffic at that time!), but stressful still. A lot of random turns to be made while battling taxis(why they have so many out then is beyond me) and the ever loved Lincoln Tunnel(why is it so narrow??). At least this way I've done something on my list of 'random things to accomplish'--drive in Manhattan:)

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Kimberley said...

haha. you poor thing. i guess you'll be napping in the afternoons with aubrey for the next few weeks. :o) hang in there!