Random happenings of the past few weeks

So the past few weeks have been kinda busy. I said in my last post that I'd put up some pictures from when Dennis and Anna came to visit so here they are. While they were here we tried to cram in as much as we could into the five days. Two days in Manhattan, two days of golfing, for Zach and Dennis, and shopping for Anna and I and the last day was checking out our town. We had a blast while they were here and it was nice to have someone else to help with Aubrey (which Anna did, threatening the entire time that she'd take Aubrey home with her!!) and show off where we live. We also were all over the fact that we could house guests without having them sleep on the floor in our room or on the kitchen floor like in Grenada. Never want to do that again, a second bedroom is so amazing to have... so is having a bathroom that you don't have to walk through to get out of your bedroom. Nope, can't say I miss our Grenada apartment!! Anyway... moving on... The trip was great and I think they feel the same. Since they left Zach went back to work at the hospital... technically back to school, but pretty much working there and he's really missing his surgery rotation. He's in Internal Medicine and it's pretty boring compared to what he's used to. He's luckily been able to get some papers to work on so it's not too dull, but it does mean that he's been going from one hospital in Newark to the other in Livingston (he rotates at both) in one day. Meaning he leaves at about 7am (late compared to his 4:30am mornings during surgery) and doesn't get home until around 7 or 8pm. Good times. Aubrey is growing like a weed(I think I say that every time, but it's true) and is teething. She's drooling like crazy and we can see that her bottom teeth are starting to try and push their way through. She's a slobbery mess and is having a hard time sleeping at night... ergo, I'm having a hard time sleeping at night. She's lifting her head off the ground all the time, rolling over and getting stuck on her stomach(except for the one time she rolled onto her back again, hasn't done it since though) and giggling more then ever. She is pretty much too cute for words! So I'll let the pictures tell you:) Zach's parents where also just here(actually left today), but I'll leave the pictures and stories from their trip for the next post.... assuming I remember to do that within the next month...

Our c-list star sighting, Dr. Phil.

Anna and I in Central Park

Dennis and Zach with Aubrey looking too much like a little family...

Us at Pete's Tavern, the oldest continuously operated bar/restaurant in Manhattan... Zach loves little facts like that.

We went on the Staten Island Ferry and this is the view of the Financial District in lower Manhattan

By the Statue of Liberty

Me in my glory at the Court Houses... as seen in Law and Order:SVU, my favorite show!!!

Dennis and Zach at McSorely's, the oldest pub in Manhattan

Helping daddy study,  after Dennis and Anna left.

My little Giants fan:)

Her new favorite toy

The Aubrigator and her alligator  

Elliot and Aubrey...he's making the moves!

Loving standing on her own!

Laughing at daddy

Her new thing is to rip my glasses off!

Picking my nose

Hanging with Ella(the Ella-phant). She's getting way too old!!!

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