One week already!

So I fully intended on updating the blog the day of, or after, Zach was done his test... well it's obvious that never happened:) Time has flown by and I can't believe that Zach has been book free for a week(well, school books that is... can't get the guy to quit cold turkey! He's got to have some form of reading in his life and novels it is!)?! It barely felt like it with all the Easter buzz and family events, but it's been great. Zach said that the test felt like it went good, so I guess that is all we could have hoped for. Nothing worse then walking out of and exam and feeling like you just bombed, that'll put a damper on your day... believe me I know, that was my entire test taking career(that's why I cut it short and stopped after high school!). So thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, they were much appreciated! Now we just have to wait for the results, and who knows how long that will take... our lives are made up of a bunch of patience exercises, gets kinda old after a while.
In belly news-I'm feeling great, still tired, but that's the norm. We had a midwife appointment today and she said everything is looking good. I'm measuring about a half a week ahead, but I'm told that really means nothing in the whole scheme of things. But it would be nice if the baby came a little early, not because I want it out, but for time-line/moving reasons. And I hear that babies always come when it is most convenient for the parents, so I'm sure Pat Ashley Kelly will get right on that request!
Also, we found out preliminary start dates for Zach's clinical rotations and it's looking like he'll be starting at the end of May. So we are looking at a mid-May move(thus the whole us wanting the baby to come early). So we have about two months to have a baby, plan a move, find a place to move into, make said move, and see family and friends as much as we can in the meantime. Not to mention trying to fit in a little time for ourselves before the little one is born... should be interesting(and hectic) to say the least!


Kimberley said...

wow, that sounds hectic for sure! considering how fast you'll be birthing baby and moving...call me when you have some time to hang out! it'd be great to see you once more before baby & maybe a couple times after?! they can be shorter visits with all the other people you have to see & squeeze in before moving day, but i gotta get as much jenny-time in as possible...and baby cuddles too.

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