A busy week...

So a lot happened this last week. It started with Zach's 25th birthday on the 24th and I somehow managed to convince him to take an entire day off school... don't know how I did that but I'm not going to question it. We had an awesome day planned, we called it our five-fold plan, which then developed into the five-phase plan... don't ask! First we went out for coffee, in the morning and then off for lunch to True Blue Bay Resort(they had burgers there and Zach was really wanting one.)... that was phases one and two. For phase three we went to the beach and the waves were so huge that Zach was able to bodysurf. He was pretty pumped about that, not too many 25th birthday's that involve bodysurfing in the Caribbean Sea:) We had a phase three and a half that was me cutting Zach's hair (don't know how that got on the phase list, but it did) and phase four was going for dinner to The Beach House, which is our favorite place to go here. Afterwards... a.k.a. phase five... we met up with friends at a local wine bar here which has a really great atmosphere. All in all, not a bad day(and it didn't cost too much, our dollar is doing really good right now...yay Canada!).

Then on tuesday we went for our first ultrasound. I was just over 19 weeks and we were really excited to see our baby for the first time. Well, we didn't take into consideration the fact that this was Grenada and that the machines were circa 1982. Not cool. We still got to see our baby, and don't get me wrong, it was amazing, but instead of the total hands and feet we saw a general outline. And in the picture that we got to take home(Zach swears that they don't even use the paper it was printed on in North America anymore), our baby looked like an alien, no joke. I love it, but it does look like he(we've come to calling it a he. And no, we did not find out what we are having) has two heads. And we are not having twins, that they told us... but who knows, the machine is old... I wanted to post it so everyone could have a laugh, but I don't have a scanner. All that aside, we were so pumped after the whole thing and it was so neat to see what we could and connect with the baby. I guess the whole experience is just par for the course here in Grenada, the beauty of being pregnant here and just one more story we'll be able to tell the baby when it's here:)

We had another first on wednesday of this week, an earthquake. It's origin was Martinique, quite a ways from here, but we really felt it. It was a 7.3, but due to the fact that it was so far underground it didn't do the damage that one closer it the surface would do. I think that it was something like 90 miles down underground, still rocked us though. So we felt what must have been an aftershock and it felt like we were standing on a waterbed. Our first concern was a tsunami, but it didn't happen and that we are grateful for. After going through a category one hurricane earlier this semester, we now feel we have filled our natural disaster quota for the next few years:)

On thursday(sorry that this seems to have become a day to day update) I was officially halfway in my pregnancy. A weird thought to say the least. I'm still growing rapidly and now I know I don't have the excuse of there being two babies in there to make me feel better about the pace at which I seem to be growing. Oh well, every women's different I guess.

On saturday I was a part of a garage sale held a friends house. We wanted to get rid of a bunch of stuff and try and make some money doing it, and it turned out quite good. We made off with some good cash and now our suitcases are going to be a lot lighter on the way home(actually it really means that we have less to just leave behind... who knew that you could accumulate that much stuff in two years?!?)! It was a long exhausting day, but a good one and a fun too. I'm not the haggling type so I'm pretty sure some people went away with fabulous deals, but that's alright with me. We're rid of a lot of our stuff and that's what matters.

I think that that about sums up the things that happened recently. We have only 11 days left here and we are trying to make the most of them. The next two weeks(or less than!!!) are going to be spent tying up loose ends and just trying to soak up as much of the island as possible. Hard to believe that it will all be over soon...

The view from our table at the True Blue Bay Restaurant... not too shabby:)

The beach and the bodysurfing waves.

Us at The Beach House...Zach lookin' hot at 25!!!!

The group we met for drinks... Me, Noah, Sean, Kristin, Lisa, Donny and Zach.

Me at 20 weeks.


Wendy W. said...

Jenny you look so cute prego. That's so funny about the ultra sound. Totally a story for bedtime when the kid is older..."We thought you were an alien!" *Just joking! Your baby is going to be beautiful!

Kim said...

i loved your circa 1982 comment about the ultrasound machine. haha, reminded me of your quick witted comeback when i said the word "shades" that one time. hahahhaa, i'll never forget it..."hey kim, 1982 called. they want their word back!" can't wait to see you and your preggo tummy in person! good luck with all the packing & tying up of life in grenada.