Okay, so maybe it was me...

So I lied. Well, not really, I think that blogger and I were fighting for a little bit:) I got it working so here are the pictures. Here is my belly/gut/stomach...whatever you want to call it, at four months(16 weeks). The reason I say both is cuz when I read blogs in which the person is pregnant, I always wonder what their version of weeks to months is or vise versa. I'm going by what my baby book says, the Mayo Clinic Guide to Pregnancy. So if you think that I'm crazy or I said it wrong, take it up with one of the highest ranked hospitals in the US! Now that I got that off my chest... I'm feeling great, not nauseous at all and this morning I had my first cup of coffee!! Albeit a cup of instant(still can't handle the french press coffee that Zach drinks), but it is coffee, and I'm back with my old friend again! Starbucks here I come(in six weeks!!)! Oddly enough I've been able to drink cappuccinos, I think it's all the milk in them. Who knows, the pregnant body is a mystery! I'm starting to grow out of pants and I'm starting to do the elastic band thing to keep them working. I didn't bring any maternity clothes with me to Grenada(found out the morning before I left that I was pregnant) so I have to make do with strechy skirts and the elastic band:)
Anyway, enough about that. Zach is now coming into the last strech of school and his exams are coming fast and furious. He had one yesterday, which he said felt good, and he's got one on monday(one of the reasons that I really had to fight for some computer time!). Then he has exams every two weeks until we go home in december. He hasn't forgot about the St.Vincent blog he was supposed to write, but he just only now collected all his pictures and he's going to post something after his test on monday. So you can all just wait with baited breath for that one!
Yesterday, I went with Lisa and her two boys to the beach. We hadn't been in weeks and we decided that it was time. We didn't have swimsuits along, but we went for a walk and started to take a bunch of pictures. Her son Noah, found two starfish that kept washing up on shore so we decided to get a few shots of them. They turned out awesome so I figured that I'd post them seeing as to how I haven't posted pictures of Grenada in a while. It was a gorgeously cloudy day and as we were walking back to our car we just got hit by the rain, it was fabulous! Man have I ever changed when it comes to weather! Well, I hope you enjoy!

Is it just me, or does everyone feel lame when they take these pictures?! Oh and aren't the curtains in the back hilarious?? Got to love that Grenadian style:)


Marcy said...

Nice pics! Especially the side preggo profile! No really, it may feel ridiculous, but for us folk who don't see you ever, its nice to see how your looking! That way, when you come home in 6 weeks, we don't get shocked by your 56 inch waist...or whatever the size may be. Anyway, glad you can drink coffee now! Or shall I say milk with coffee. I'm sorry, but you do put a lot of milk in your coffee!!!!

Kim said...

First of all, your preggo picture was great! i agree with Marcy...for those of us who don't see you daily or weekly, we greatly appreciate the preggo profile picture updates!! keep them coming. awesome starfish pictures too! you should blow them up and frame them for your house one day.