17 weeks

I'm sitting here listening to the rain and feelin' pretty good! Did I mention that I love the rain?! Well I do. Anyway, this last week has been pretty crazy. We found out that my parents are coming to visit, on monday. So needless to say, the menno in me is trying to get a bunch of things done and cleaned before they arrive:) Can't help it, it's who I am. They're coming for a week to see the island before we leave it for good, and I'm assuming that my mom is dying to see me pregnant. I also think that I felt the baby kick for the first time this week. It was kinda a tap-tap feeling in the inside of my stomach and a few days later, more of a definite kicking sensation. Both were things that couldn't really be mistaken for gas, so that made me feel a little more confident in my "investigations", as the doctor here at the school clinic calls them. She's from India and is one of the funniest(not that she's trying to be) people that I have met here. She is quite quotable, and if you know me, that makes me pretty happy! Well on to the good stuff, the oh so loved belly shot! I feel like this week I actually felt my stomach growing. It's so weird to wake up and feel like you are visibly bigger than the day before. I feel like I'm bigger then most at this stage, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes.


Kim said...

whoa! you're parents are coming to visit!!! crazy. you look awesome Jen, and my how long your hair is getting. looks great! haven't seen your hair that long in a long time. :o) thanks for the preggo picture! have a great visit with the parentals!
Love, Kim
P.S. it is really odd hearing you proclaim your love for the rain. i never thought i'd hear those words from you. :o)

klassic1 said...

Hi Jenny - you look soooo cute pregnant!! Hope all is well. Tell your parents we had some wind here the other night - up to 102 kph. Not to worry - we put things in their garage and under their stairs that was blowing away - window screen, figurines, potted plant. We weren't able to save their tomato "house". The wind ripped the plastic and knocked the whole thing over. We laid it down so the wind couldn't wreck it further. All is well. NOT TO WORRY! Winds have died down. Enjoy your time with your parents.
If you need to email me - klassic1@shaw.ca

Karla said...

You look so beautiful Jen! Aaron and I are so happy for you and Zach, can't wait to see you guys!!!