Ode to Marcy

Well, apparently Marcy was a little miffed that I didn't write about her in my latest blog entry. So here's to you Marcy, it's all about you... I've been staying at my parents house with Marcy for the last two weeks (my parents are in Paraguay for two months) and we have been having a blast. Well, maybe I should say, she has been having most of the "blast". I've been cooking and cleaning for her and doing her laundry. It's like I'm still in grenada taking care of someone, but with colder weather. We have also been addicted to Dr. Mario on Nintendo and have been playing it every free moment we have (which ends up being at midnight most nights!). Marcy, you have made this time away from Zach a whole lot easier, so thank you! I'll miss our late night "gaming" and our numerous trips to Starbucks, not to mention sharing a double bed with you at night----Ohhhhhhhhh really!

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