A few weeks back we went away for the night for Zach's thirtieth birthday. We decided to head in search of Fall and boy did we ever find it in Tennessee! We took a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Smokey Mountains and it. was. gorgeous. 
Take your breath away gorgeous. 
I don't know if it was the fact that we hadn't seen a mountain in over a year or what, but we were SO excited to see them. Coming from B.C. in Canada, mountains were taken for granted and I can honestly say that both Zach and I have grown a new appreciation for them!
And the trees....OH the trees! So Fallish and wonderful! 
I got some great shots of the kids too...
I mean, how cute are they?! LOVE these two :) 
Zach was super sweet and stopped at every rest stop I asked him to (and a bunch of places in between) and I got some fabulous pictures of the scenery.
What a good man.
We're already planning a trip back to the Smokey Mountains this Christmas so that we can see some snow! Poor Aubrey is just dying to build fort and make a snow angel. All we hear from her is, "I sure miss snow... but we live in Georgia and we don't get snow anymore" on a huff.
It's worth the 5 hour drive just to make her happy (although the car ride will inevitably make her grumpy!).

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Astrid said...

See?!? No one's even commenting anymore because we're so used to getting NO posts!! Porr-porr Jennifife!
I love those Fall pictures. So beautiful. You certainly do take it for granted, being able to experience each season to the fullest. And it makes me miss the mountains of Home too, because here they are just hills in comparison. Still beautiful though...........

Can't believe those two smoochers. Aub-Meist, getting so big, and baby Taylub's ridiculously awesome cheeks. I really do need to borrrrrrrrrr into them! Get Zach to win the lottery, and then you guys can come and visit! We need to see eachother's children!!