Just a few things....

*first off, I AM alive ;)
*We had a great Christmas, Zach had 3 days off and then another 3 days off this last weekend
*Aubrey and I were in our glory with him home so much! 
*Who knew having your partner home would be so handy for a marriage and for child rearing?!? ;)
*Zach made me cry this Christmas....
*in a good way
*That amazing man surprised me with Photoshop for our Mac! Seriously, burst into tears...pregnant much??
*Crazy nut also got our little family an over night trip to Charleston SC (partially for our anniversary too).
*I've been wanting to go for forever!
*on the 27th of December Zach and I were married for 8 years!
*8 years.
*where does time go???
*We actually got to go on our first date since April.
*yes, you read that correctly, April.
*to say it was much needed would be an understatement.
*We had friends come and stay with us for Christmas and they have two kids, one girl Aubrey's age and a boy who's 2... Aubrey was SO excited to have extended sleepovers with them!
*my camera is bursting at the seems right now
*More pictures to come later today....
*and the next day
*and the next day
*annnnd the next day......


Amy said...

Yippie your husband is the BEST!

Astrid said...

What is it with our husbands making us cry at Christmas?! They're so good at gift-giving. I'm glad that they get our love-language, and they do it so well.
8 years. Seriously. I'm 10 in June. How did this happen?!
Yay for dates! I'll make sure that happens more in May, albright?!?