Christmas Flashback...

I figure I need to post some Christmas pictures for memories sake :)
I'm gonna go ahead and call these "got them for the memories" pictures because, well... quite frankly, they're not the best.
They capture the moment and that's what really counts right?!?
I was lazy and didn't fiddle with the settings properly, thus they are dark and not the best quality.

But these cute kiddos make up for it don't they?!?

Our friends from Canada came to spend Christmas with us and Aubrey was in her glory having kids around to play with every day!

How precious is she?!?!

Our Christmas Eve family shot.
(hello dark room, bright flash!)

Here Zach is trying to read the Christmas story from a children's bible for them... key word: trying! 

The kids each opened one present on Christmas Eve...
We were planning on going to church this night, but we were all under the weather (except Zach, go figure) and decided to spare the church from hearing 6 people hacking in the back row.

Playing with their etch-a-sketch's

The deader-than-dead tree on Christmas morning :)

The kids all got these fabulous sleeping bags from James and Anna!

We got Aubrey her very first sewing machine!

The one present Aubrey actually asked for, a Dora Pillow Pet... 
Thanks Grammie!

Zach getting in on the sleeping bag action

Opening stockings!

Apparently Zach needed some of Aubrey's new lip gloss....

We had a fabulous Christmas, it was super relaxed and we just let the kids play with each present after they opened it and let things go with the flow. We had fondue on Christmas Eve (just the adults, after the kiddos were put to bed....because it's no fun dealing with 3 kids under 4 and a bunch of boiling oil!) and we made a good ol' turkey dinner on Christmas Day (which turned out wonderful, if I do say so myself!).
Great memories with great friends!
Perfect :)


Ashley Klaassen said...

okay, seriously....Aubrey's face in the sewing machine picture is HILARIOUS!! Love her! Look like you guys had a good time, hopefully we can all be together next christmas!! Love to you all!

Amy said...

Awesome Jen. Ooo yum fondue. Do you have a fondue pot? My mom used to make that when we were little. How fun. Love your pictures as usual and it is about capturing the moments..... And you did a great job of that. By the way i think that we are due for updated belly shots....

Astrid said...

You're killing me with those Christmas pictures! And how fab are you looking, by-the-way! And those sleeping bags from James and Anna?!? Are you kidding me?!? How did they manage to bring them across, only to bring them back again. They clearly don't pack the way my husband does---how freeing that must be ;) Looks like you had a fantastically fantastical Christmas.

Marcy said...

Looks like Christmas was a success minus the sick part. Now what you gotta do is just get over the lighting in the photos because us point-and-shoot camera people don't notice these things. As long as it is fairly in focus, we are thrilled!