Little Nuggets You Might Not Know....

 *I'm SUPER shy around new people...like I could vomit shy....like I have a panic attack before I know I'm going to meet someone new. Yup, awesome.

*I get anxious about a lot of things. 
-dentist(paralyzing fear)
-flying(I cry during take off....landing...turbulence... you get the picture)
-sometimes even just leaving the house. 
Let me tell you, it's not fun.

*I love love love McDonald's... As in, I still get a giddy feeling when I see those golden arches.

*I'm addicted to coffee....and water. I figure it's a good balance.

*I've always loved photography, but since my wonderful Pentax has come on the scene(one amazing Christmas in '08), I've been hooked!

*One of the other best things I've ever got/bought was my sewing machine. Zach just said, "buy it!" one day, no particular reason/occasion and I did...and haven't looked back! Love that guy.

*My life long dream was to be a mom. No career desires, no big plans...I just wanted to get married to a wonderful guy and have babies....
Check and check!

*I LOVE being pregnant. Even with all the crummy days in the beginning, being tired and nauseous...don't care. I could happily incubate babies for the rest of my life.

*Zach and I are officially "East Coast" people. I love how "harsh" and "to-the-point" the people are and generally just love the pace. Plus it helps that there are so many things within driving distance of where we lived (in New Jersey).

*I miss New Jersey like crazy. Even though I know this(Georgia) is where we need to be for now, I long to live back there one day.  

*I never thought of myself as an "ocean person"....until I met the Atlantic. I have fallen in LOVE with the Atlantic ocean!

*Zach and I have a wonderful dream to own a house on the Atlantic one day :)

*I hate bad hygiene. As in, I'm obsessed with good hygiene. This ties in with my crazy sense of smell. Zach calls me a bloodhound, but let me tell you NOTHING is worse then a smelly person....well, smelly anything really.

*Ever since my wonderful sister told me I have a "swimmer's back" when I was 13, I have not worn anything racer back or anything to that effect. Funny how one comment (that she claims she was just  saying to bug me...she is 4 years older than me and I may or may not have been an annoying little sister) can effect you for life, even if it was just to piss you off!

*I'm from Canada(and proud of it!), but I love living in the great U S of A! Seriously, I'm happy to stay here as long as I live.... well, as long as we have valid visas ;)

*My heart is in England. This might be confusing(seeing as to how I love the great U S of A), but my sister and her family live there and let me tell you, if I could live there??? I'd move in a heart beat. 
I heart everything about England...and my sister....and her family.

*Aubrey between the ages of 18 months and 3 years, was the hardest for me. Having a child who thought she knew it all and was SO hard headed, but still learning and not quite understanding the "why" was my greatest challenge. And mix in my most hated thing, potty training?!? Seriously, I love my kid, but that age is just rough. Just being honest.
 I know there are more wonderfully trying times to come(insert shudder for the teen aged years), but let's just say I'm glad that season of life is over....until the next one comes along.

*This is my wonderful husband(cheesy you say, yes. But SO true). He makes me laugh more than anyone else I know (sorry Astrid) and he's just my perfect fit. I met him when I was in the 12th grade and we've been together ever since! 

*I got married at 20 (insert gasp) 8 years and ZERO regrets! When you know, you know. And let me tell you, we knew.

*I've lived in 2 cities in Canada(west coast), in the country of Grenada(in the Caribbean), in New Jersey, and now in Georgia....and that's all in the last 8 years. That's quite the list folks.

*For as anxious a person I am, I love that we've moved around and seen a bunch of different places, and that is all thanks to Zach and his dream of being a doctor...yes, a doctor(and that's another post for another day).


Amy said...

OH Jen. I love you and all your quirky wonderful ways!
I have a dream too... someday you'll live back by us and we can summer at the house on the Atlantic....

Marcy said...

Funny thing, I also have a dream...my dream is that you realize that the pacific ocean is oh so much better and come live on the west coast. Did you know that the very first McDonalds opened in San Bernardino, California...and California happens to be on the pacific! Oh, so many great things happen here on the west coast!