A Brick Wall and Some Spontaneity...

Last weekend, back in Greenville, SC, I saw this random brick wall and I immediately grabbed my camera (and Aubrey) and wandered over.
I love me a good ol' broken down brink wall (seems most people into photography do).

Lucky for me, Zach was retrieving our car from one parking spot to switch to one close to this wall and Aubrey and I were waiting for him, giving me ample time with my little model! 

Now, photographing people is not really my thing. I usually like to work with things that don't move.... ie. NOT a 3 year old kid who thinks it's hilarious to make every funny face in the world while running around like a maniac. 
But, I had a blast this day!

Aubrey was being so funny and cute I couldn't get enough....

...as you can tell by the volume of pictures that are present in this post.
Just another example of my inability to narrow down pictures.

I'm loving that she's going through her I'm-about-to-hit-a-growth-spurt-so-I'm-getting-a-little-pudgy-in-the-cheek-region-in-preparation-for-it phase! 

Makes me think of the days of old when she practically weighed the same as she does now....at 11 months! 

Look at her! 

Stupid sun was in the total wrong position, making her squint like crazy, but I don't care. 
When you have a chance for a little photo shoot in front of a brick wall while your husband gets the car, you take it!

um...not sure about this pose....there are always a few of these head scratching poses with this kid.

Don't you just want to eat her in her skinny jeans?!? 

Ah, love a spontaneous brick wall photo shoot :)


Amy said...

she is awesome! how long did it take Zach to get the car anyway???

Astrid said...

You have a very understanding husband! Jo would have been losing it if I was standing there, taking pictures of a random brick wall ;)
How cute is the Aub-meist, posing by that wall. LOVE HER!!

Laura Jo said...

I thought I already left a comment, but it never seemed to show up! How cute is Aubrey with all her poses?! I.LOVE.IT!

Life with Kaishon said...

That IS a great wall : )
I love that your daughter is such a fantastic model. How much fun is that? : )

Flor said...

oh your daughter is so cute.. she reminds me of my youngest (who is also 3 and LOVES her skinny jeans). I love the brick wall, great job :)