I woke up yesterday morning and uttered words that I will regret, AM regretting, for a long long time...."hey Zach, let's go for a run." 
Yup, stupid.
We weren't planning on going to our new wonderful church, not because we are uncool heathens, but because Aubrey was up most of the night before coughing and snotting up a storm. We were not about to be those parents whole let their coughing, snotty child infect everyone else's kid in Sunday School. Annnd because she was up all night, I was up all night....and no sleep does not agree with this preggo gal.
Anyway, I get up, say the dreaded words to Zach and he's beyond excited to go and bounds out of bed. 
We started out ok, but about 2 minutes in I announce that this was, indeed, NOT a good idea (the words I used did not sound as nice) . 
Cue side cramp and wheezing of breath.
Let's just say we didn't go very far and I was in rough shape after. 
I'm not out of shape per say, I spend my share of time on our elliptical thing-a-ma-jigger, but running...on the road....is a whole other ball game. 
I can confirm that my body is in severe pain and my quads are so sore, I'm hobbling like a 90 year old man. My hip is officially making a weird popping noise and my lower back feels like it is constantly being hit with a bat. 
Today, my friends, has been a rough day for me.
Back to the elliptical tomorrow...assuming that my quads can handle it.....  


Amy said...

What on earth were you thinking???? and I wish I could see you hobbling like an old man...

And I just have to tell you you wrote...

cue side crap... All I could picture... well you get the picture.. haha.

love you Jen! Glad to see your coming around the bend of the first trimester...
Dom and I were supposed to begin our running today..
uh well I sewed... all day!

oh well. my fingers are in the best shape of their lives.

Astrid said...

Running?! You are crazy. I get my work-outs by jumping to conclusions ;) Jen--stick to the machine. And let me just add that starting new work-out regimes, when pregnant, is never a good idea. Are you going to be that woman running when you're 8 months pregnant?! I don't think so. Speed Walking. That's where it's at!