Forget Packing....

After packing for a cross country move (well, kinda cross country, more like down country....that doesn't sound right....you get what I mean, right? a move down South... I'll stop now) packing for a three week trip seems like nothing, thus the procrastinating :) It's what I do best.

So instead of boring old packing, I've made my nieces cute head bands! I just took plain ribbon and tried to spruce it up, and I'm loving how they turned out! My nieces range in age from 2 to 12 and random ages in between. Ergo the reasoning behind them looking a bit different to try and accommodate their ages.  

This one is for my oldest niece, Taylor. The rosette is detachable and has a pin on the back so she can use it on something else--if she so pleases

Because my measuring was a bit off and this one was slightly bigger than the one in the below picture, it's for the next in age, Jordis

This one's for Jamie, who's four. Not sure if these girls will wear them, hopefully... I did painstakingly make all those pleats.... maybe I could guilt them into wearing them, something to consider.

The not-so-little-anymore Aniya gets this one, most comfortable and shouldn't slip off when she's running around like a maniac ;) 

And because Aubrey has outgrown a lot of her clothes for fall....understandably, she's been wearing her clothes from when she was 18 months. And before you go and think it's because we were too cheap to get her new ones and let her walk around with ankle biters and 3/4 length sleeves(not the cool kind), it was actually because I was a good frugal mom and bought her stuff a bit bigger....and then she decided she was too cool to grow. No joke, she can still wear a pair of 12-18 month jeans...she was blessed with my leg length, poor girl.

Anyways, this just in--clothes are expensive! 
So me being the crafty person I am (riiiight) bought some plain cheap/on clearance shirts from Target and Walmart and decided to do a little applique on them.

And they turned out so cute! ...if I do say so myself *insert pat on own back*

I mean, look at all that shabby goodness! 
So that was how I spent yesterday...I'm pretty sure I should get some packing or cleaning done today, buuuut I think I'll sew again. There's always tomorrow night to pack (that would be the Kliewer way....).

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Amy said...

okay, first up.. emily is in love with the headbands.. "oooo send some up north.... " from Em

second that elephant is adorable.. and I L O V E that heart... i heart it.. haha, glad you are procrastinating and getting your craft on.