Mason Jar Love and Flea Markets

When Blogger had it's mini melt down, I lost this post that I had written and it was so wonderfully restored to me in draft format a few days later....missing all I had written. Nice. Thanks. But I keep looking back at these jars and today I finally thought; hey, I'm gonna post these. So here they are. The End.
No, I'm kidding, you're going to have to listen to more of my rambling today--you're welcome.
{side note--how gorgeous are these peonies?!?}
Zach had this weekend off and by some random miracle decided not to write one of his 129,458 pending papers he has on deck. YAY!! Aubrey and I got him all to ourselves....mainly because we don't know a soul here in Augusta, but hey, I'm not letting that get me down!! Ok, maybe a little, but I didn't dwell on that this weekend *Insert pat on own back*
I somehow conned Zach into checking out a local flea market that Amy found for me (yes, friend from NJ found my flea market here for me...that's because she's a great friend!). And let me tell you, it was local (read hick). BUT to be honest it was better than I thought it was going to be and we found a really cool vintage wooden Coke bottle crate and that made it all worth while! I'll post pictures tomorrow.
I guess I thought it was going to be one of those cute flea markets that I always see on people's blogs, but to be fair, those people live in California so it's gonna be classier. There is another flea market that we're going to check out when Amy gets here (IN A WEEK!!!) and maybe that'll be better....maybe...
At one point Zach burst out laughing and I tore my eyes away from the giant bin of sewing notions, to see him holding up a bag full of random hotel soaps that were for sale. Seriously. He said that made it officially worth the trip out for him. He seriously brings that up every few hours now, "hey, remember that bag full of hotel soap for sale?!? That was awesome."
The rest of the weekend was filled with frozen yogurt, our backyard pool and LOTS of playing and it was wonderful! Too bad he doesn't have a day off in sight for the next three weeks.....


Flor said...

I love those blue mason jars! {I think we share the same style!} And those peonies are beautiful! Your blog is lovely! :)

Amy said...

oooooooh my. I am laughing hysterically... USED hotel soaps. man now I know what to give Zach as a Christmas gifts.... So how much were they asking for said used soaps????

Ahhh those peonies are so lovely. I Can't stand it.

Blue mason jars... you had me at mason .... love love love

and what a great gal this Amy must be.... haha..

and YOUR WELCOME for finding those flea markets.