A Little Jaunt...

While Dennis and Anna were still here, we went for a nice little stroll along the Riverwalk here in Augusta....and when I say nice little stroll, I mean sweaty, disgustingly hot, yet picturesque stroll.
Some days I'm totally ok with the weather here, and others I curse this humid cesspool.
But when you are looking at scenery like this, it's almost as if the cesspool isn't so bad....almost.
There was a gorgeous outdoor bandstand type thingy....
And the Savannah...I mean come on! I live 20 minutes away from the Savannah River!
Not to mention 20 minutes away from this wonderful Hubba Bubba pink house, alllll the way in South Carolina;)
There were some AMAZING houses along the river, so gorgeous!
"Hey Aubrey, stop sticking your head between those bars!!"
"Why Mamum?!?"
Annnnnd that's why. Head was officially stuck. Good thing I have some good unwedging skills, that sucker was IN there!
Please note, in this following picture, what finger she points with....slightly embarrassing.
always finding random holes in trees and announcing who she thinks lives there. This one housed baby birds...allegedly.
Then came my moment to get my photography on....it had been a while you know. Amazing what you can capture even when you are sweating like a maniac and it's so bright that you can't even see your shot on the camera screen after, ya, that hot/bright.

There was some really cool looking plants/weeds/flowers along the river!

Seriously, how cute are these little flowers?!? I wanted to take them home and put them in a little mini vase...random, I know.

And the bees, they were MASSIVE....and everywhere! Aubrey was not pleased.
Although she did tell me all about how they gather nectar from flowers and make it into honey and how they pollinate....where does this kid get this stuff?!?


Amy said...

Yay... I post about GA with. Lots of beautious photography.
I so love... That Aubrey got her head stuck. Hehe. Gkad she was so hot and sweaty porbably helped her to get it unstuck..
And holy pink house.

Sean and Kristin said...

Wow that is beautiful!! I love seeing your new stomping grounds! Is it hotter than Grenada?? How did you know how to get Aubrey's head unstuck?? She cracks me up!!

Astrid said...

You definately have the female version of Cobs. Crazy! I LOVE that she got her head stuck in those bars. That's just hilarious! And why can't our smooches be together in their matching outfits?!? Aniya looks so cute in hers too!!
Love that kid, and LOVE the Savannah river. Honestly. We are planning.

Paul said...

"Humid Cesspool" ...that's exactly the way I felt when I was living in Florida, LOL - don't worry,tho' - you will get used to it, slowly but surely - and you'll REALLY appreciate the weather in January!!

Marcy said...

My favorite parts of the blog was as follows:
-humid cesspool
-pepto pink house
-stuck head
-the birdy finger pointin'
-and Aubrey's bee wisdom
Missing you! Keep up the daily bloggin...no pressure but it's a highlight of my day:)