And Now, More Deep Thoughts.....

My thoughts have been really muddled these days, hence the lack of blogging, but I figured that today I'd throw a Random Thoughts post your way because that's just where I'm at.
*we only have one car.
*Zach leaves anywhere between 4 and 5 AM every day and doesn't come home until (the earliest) 7:30 PM....most days it's more like 8:30 or 9.
*ergo, he wins and gets the car each day.
*ergo, Aubrey and I are stuck at home EVERY DAY.
*I don't know anyone in this State, let alone Augusta
*Zach works 12 days in a row, then has 2 days off.....leaving no time for us to have found a church yet.
*did I mention that I'm home all day, every day and know no one?!?
*I've got a bad case of cabin fever.
*there is no bus system in our town....not even a cab company! Seriously, I checked.
*I live relatively close to a bunch of things, with in about 2 miles, but it's in the 100's every day and I about pass out just walking to the mailbox 100 feet away.
*yes, I'm complaining, so?!?
*we NEED a second car, but in no way can afford one.
*I'm stuck.
*I've thought about pulling Aubrey out of bed at 4 am to drive Zach, but that just feels plain old stupid. Seriously, how selfish would that be?!?
*we're still potty training and I think we will be for the next year. It's just not clicking.
*Ok, enough whining. On to nicer thoughts.....
*Aubrey asks to blow bubbles EVERY day.
*even if it means sweating up a storm in the sun while doing it! please note the first picture and her sweaty brow.
*If I had to be stuck in a house, this is the one I want to be stuck in! I still love it! *insert contented sigh* central air!
*This place is so open, airy and doesn't feel like a cave(as our last place did).
*I've been spot cleaning the carpets like a mad woman these days. I love having carpet in the house, but other peoples stains are a bit disturbing.
*I'm using the Target brand carpet cleaner spray(Up and Up brand) and it is working like a charm!
*I've even been getting some sewing done! Not my quilt yet, oops, but a little something for a certain English niece who's turning 2 soon:)
*I think I'm going to have to whip up the same thing for all my nieces....or at least something....ahhh another project to fill the time! Yes!
*and in closing, I miss my husband....but not as much as Aubrey misses her daddy :( poor poor us. (yes, I did let this post take a turn for the sad again. What are you going to do about it?!?)


Marcy said...

Maybe Zach can carpool to work? How about you suggest that to him and record his response and play it for me sometime. I'd like to know what he would think about that idea! I wish I was there to drive you around...just like the good old days before you FINALLY got your drivers license! Love you!!!

Astrid said...

Marc--- I LOVE that you too got to drive Jen around. Who doesn't want to get their drivers license?!? ;)
Jen, I feel your pain. Cabin fever is awful! Having one car is tough, and it's even tougher when you have no public transport that you can depend on. Try and see if you can get one of those motorized scooters that the old people drive around in, with the tops on them. Surely some of them must come with A/C?!? Put the Aub-meist on your lap and bingo!!

Amy said...

I. Liked Marcy's suggestion... Could he car pool? Seriously a marvelous idea. I also enjoyed Astrids comment of a motorized scooter that the elderly ride on..... Maybe you could have one made with an attached side car. I think you may be able to swipe one from the local walmart.....
On a more serious note, i am going to be praying for you and Zach to find a cheap car. A church, and a friend to drive you around if you don't find a car. How about a moms group, i think there is one that meets in local churches is it called mops.... ?
And i love that you did a random thoughts post. Your so good at those. And go ahead and complain. Beacuse that is what we are hear to listen to you vent.
On a side note, nothing related to your post, ( just to make you laugh at my pain) when i woke up this morning and looked in the mirror i realized at closer inspection that my face is now very swollen. I look like i have had some sort of injections in my lips. Really quite lovely (not) oh dear oh dear , as maddie has been saying when something goes wrong. And guess what i have to go with dom in only 2 hours to seal coat a driveway...... Oh my...... I am dreading this, it was 85 at 2 this morning.... Great!
Love you, praying for you. Sorry for the novel.