Moving From The Ghetto

So apparently it was appropriate that we leave our ghetto-ish neighborhood in a ghetto moving van. Not sure how this got past the "inspection", but it did and we ended up with this lovely number to move with.
Ghetto doesn't even begin to describe it. They weren't lying with the name, "Budget" was exactly what it was. It was filthy and smelled of urine, PERFECT for me to put all my lovely things in...awesome.
The day of our move happened to be on Father's Day and poor Zach spent it driving this beast.
But Aubrey was ALL over going in the truck with him every chance she could get. That beast could actually go pretty good and we, Marcy, Aubrey and I, were within several miles of Zach and Tom at all times. We even fell behind a few times due to our obsession with finding a South Caroline Starbucks mug...oops(and we didn't even find one, booo).
Look at them! Aren't they just precious?!?
Aubrey did awesome on the drive and would just play with her toys, read books, watch DVDs, have random dance parties with Marcy and I, and sleep! Yay for sleeping in the car!
This was our classy park job in NC, we were advised by Amy's husband Dom that we should back the truck in so that people couldn't get anything out even if they broke in...smart man. I parked the car in front for added protection....smart woman.
Once we go to Augusta, we started to unload while Marcy and Tom went and picked up our new, not so fresh(read SICK), helpers Dennis and Anna from the airport. Poor kids were exhausted from a red-eye flight and both were sick. Good times, but they were a huge help even with being sick.
Aubrey was obsessed with doing everything just as Zach was, someone loves her daddy :) Well, that was until we had the mini pool blown up for her and then she ditched us all and was in the backyard for the next three days straight....we have the dead grass to prove it, oops.

But look how happy she is! Totally worth the potential loss of our damage deposit ;)
Now our workers...errr guests have gone and it's just Aubrey and I. Zach started orientation on Monday and starts work on Friday:( The beginning of then end. But it's all good, he got a great pep talk from another Urology resident that went a little something like this, "It's hard and you won't ever be home. Your wife is going to hate you, your kids are going to hate you, your parents are going to hate you. Just be prepared."....See what I mean?! I feel better already. At least the guy was being real....


Amy said...

Oh sooo good to read your blog and see pics. Need to see manymany more. Miss you. But i am glad that you are feeling at home down there.

Jenna said...

Aubrey is so stinkin' cute! Love those pictures. Plus, that pool...oohh I just know Elianna would love that, too! A slide and a giraffe...two of her favourite things.