This is what dinner looks like (in my house anyway!) the day after guests leave and we are feeling the effects of my being lazy for a week and not doing the dishes. No, I don't have a dishwasher....I'm the dishwasher....but I try and pawn that job off on Zach as often as we have date night! Him doing the dishes is my "Love Language";)...I don't think it's his though....pretty sure his is NOT doing the dishes.
Yes, that is a cottage cheese container that I'm drinking out of...... why do you ask?!?


Marcy said...

I think you drink from the cottage cheese container so that you don't have to wash it and can throw it out after you're finished. To me that just makes good plain sense. More sanitary than drinking milk from the carton.

Amy said...

LOL !!!! I love how you didn't clear the table of your sewing supplies... LOL cottage cheese container!

Astrid said...

Jen, I feel shame. That's all I have to say about that.