Crafting Spree....

I decided to get a little crafty for Valentine's Day and whipped up some cards for Zach and Aubrey. And would you know, I actually got them done before the day! A new one for me:) I know they are not perfect, but I love how they turned out and Aubrey was really excited when she found out I made it for her, so cute! "you MADE this for me?!?" Love her!
I also decided to make little matching aprons for Maddie(Aubrey's "best friend in the whole wide world") and Aubrey. I made them reversible and the secret is that they are easier to make that way! No fussing with trying to make them look perfect on the back side, etc(something that drove me up the wall while trying to make my little niece's one for Christmas!). You use a little more fabric, but the aprons are so tiny it ends up being not much over a quarter of a yard. Not too shabby:)

I got Aubrey to model it for me(Maddie was waaay too cool for that;)) after some convincing. I'm quite certain that the excited look on her face is because of the Hersey's Kisses in her hands and not the apron. Oh well, I like it! That's what matters, right?!
I also finally decided to work on something for myself!!! I always feel like I should be making things for others and the other day, after seeing some gorgeous pillows at Amy's house (that she had made), I finally wanted to make something for me. And it really is for me... I mean, Zach's not afraid of pink in any way, but a girly pink pillow might be a bit much for him....oh well:)
And this time I didn't get the math wrong and cut double the squares! I'll show it off once it's done....assuming it doesn't turn out to be a complete disaster!


Amy said...

Wooo hooo can't wait to see your pillow! & real men embrace girlie pink pillows!

Jenna said...

Love, love, love the aprons!! SO CUTE!

Marcy said...

Love the pillow! Love the aprons! Love Aubrey! Love you!

Astrid said...

So what you're saying is.........making Aniya her apron at Christmas time was driving you crazy?!? Whateva girl!
Jen, you are super-duper talented. Seriously. Everything you turn your hand to, turns out amazing. Hey-- I may have got the gift of singing ( in Pap's eyes) but you got the extreme talent of craftiness and art. You may not get enough appreciation for it from your parents, but you are one talented girl! Love ya sister!! x x