Picture Overload...

So I got on a little bit of a roll downloading Christmas pictures and decided to throw them all on one post....even though I was planning on doing two or three:) Ahhhh the lazy road.

So as I said before, Grammie was here for Christmas(Zach's mom) and we didn't go back to Canada for the first time...well, ever! I have to say, it was nice not to have to be somewhere every moment of the Christmas Season. We always have so many places to be every minute of every day that we are back in Canada, it gets overwhelming.
So to have the freedom to do what we wanted, when we wanted, was a bit of a relief! Don't get me wrong, we missed our families, but it was a nice change.
Zach was traveling and writing exams up until a few days before Christmas, so we didn't get into NYC yet to see the Christmas decor and displays. Zach had the awesome idea to head it on Christmas Eve day and we thought, why not?!! It was so cool to be there on Christmas, not a lot of people get to say that!
The store fronts were awesome and we had a great time just wandering around and watching craziness unfold all around us....although it was not nearly as crazy as we thought it would be.

Roasted chestnut vendor....and hot dog vendor....and drink vendor.....and pretzel vendor...
Zach is all about chestnuts....I on the other hand hate them!

In the middle of craziness...we were getting closer to "The Tree"
Aubrey was so cold, even though we had her freakishly bundled!
Ahhhhhhh, the tree:) Happy times!
Me and my man
Grammie always gettin' Aubrey treats! Doesn't Aubrey just look so unhappy about it??!
We've been to the Rockefeller tree a bunch of times in past years and this is officially the least amount of people we have ever seen around it!
One of Aubrey's Christmas gifts from Grammie
Little poser:)

We were testing the timer/tripod situation and this was the pose she came up with. The shot is blurry even though it was timer/tripod shot.... I think I was shaking it from laughing so hard!

The Christmas Crew;)

I LOVE this picture! Aubrey insisted on standing by herself. WAY too cool to be sitting on Grammie's lap! When did she get so old??

Christmas Eve sleepover with Daddy under the tree! And in her new Dora tent!

Zach's legs hanging out of said tent! Love it!

So I don't have Christmas Day, etc on here...hmmm where did they go?? I guess I do have to do another post after all:)

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Amy said...

Love your shots of the city. Beautiful!