Smell that?!

Did you know that coffee needs to breathe? Kinda like wine, but different.

Now, I know this because my brother, Will, was/is a coffee nut and he loves to know all the things that one can possibly know about the stuff he's obsessed with...at that particular time. And he loves coffee, loves it to the point that it's like an art form to him to make a cup.... or a pot in his case!

Now back to my other ramblings.... he told me that if you keep coffee beans contained(and beans they should be because it is WRONG to buy the pre-ground stuff, less flavor:)) they build up some sort of gas that makes the coffee taste funky when made. If you notice on your bag of coffee beans (again BEANS!!!) they have a little valve built into the bag to let the gases out. Now if they go through all that trouble to build it into the bag, why would we pour the beans into an airtight container and assume that they come out tasting the same?!? ....I think I might be a little too into this.....

Try it some time, let your coffee breathe a bit before you grind the beans and I promise it'll make a difference! Again...too into it! Zach and I have had may a crappy cup of funky tasting coffee before we figured out that it was because our beans were getting "gassy" in an airtight container!

Don't get me started on how the beans should be oily....another post for another day;)

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Amy said...

Now that is something that i definetly did not know. I find my self curiuosly intriged wanting to know more...you crack me up.