Some pictures...

These pictures are not really that recent because our computer is full and so is our external hard drive, so Zach and I decided to buy another external hard drive. Well, for some reason it's not working so I can't get the pictures off of my camera. Thus not having recent pictures to post so you'll just have to make due with these! These are for you Kristin, I hold up to my end of the bargain:)

My little Forest Gump:)

She's scooching around on her tummy, she gets herself stuck and quite angry!

Bundled up for a walk

She loves her blanket...

and her daddy!


looking around me to see the tv!

Stuck again!

how she did this is beyond me!

on a walk in the City

She just saw her daddy come home!


Sean and Kristin said...

YAY! I love them! She is so cute!! My favorite is that you took pictures while she was stuck hahaha!

Kimberley said...

awww, i absolutely love the picture of her watching tv with her head cocked. so cute! and i'm also a big fan of her striped tights!! those are awesome. new pictures or not, they were great!

chad & chris said...

Love the pics of her little hand. They get big so fast it's easy to forget how little they were.

Anonymous said...

Nice Pics Jen...... Love her little cocked head, so cute! Give her a big squish from me, i need to see her so bad :)
Love her most favourite Tante

Lori said...

i can't believe you can just drive to nyc whenever you want and hang out, i'm sooo jealous. i get my nyc fix when i watch gossip girl and antm! :)