You've been anxiously awaiting it... and here it is!!!

So today was the day that I finally set aside to post and of course today was the day that Aubrey decided to be beyond clingy! I'm assuming that the teeth that have been threatening to surface are now doing so, thus my clingy baby. It's actually kinda nice, she not one for snuggling in:) So I finally got a free moment(she's napping) to do it.
So I'm doing the long overdue picture post from Christmas etc. and I'll try and whittle them down to a respectable hundred or so... slight exaggeration. So here goes... They are a little bit out of order at the end but I'll explain.

Aubrey in Central Park at 61/2 month old
The family:)
My not so little chunk
American Thanksgiving at our house
Eating dinner

Aubrey checking out the Christmas tree
Will and Linda came to visit and we ate at a fabulous(and fancy) restaurant, Babbo... with Aubrey and she did amazing:) It was an eight course meal that lasted over two hours.
in Rockefeller Center
Me and my reindeer just before the Harry Connick Jr. concert.
On the plane ride to Canada and studying with dad.
Getting a Christmas tree with Grandma
Aubrey's cousin Jamie giving her a "kiss".
Playing with Grandma and having a blast!
Snuggle time with Oma.
With the Aubrey-hogging Auntie Marcy.
 Aubrey's first big snow fall!

Being mean parents
Posing with Uncle Gord's moose antlers
Annual Christmas Eve breakfast with friends
All the ladies!
Jordan's truck, aka our taxi for pretty much our entire trip!
Opening presents at Grandma's house on Christmas Eve.
Loving the ribbon

Opening more presents on Christmas morning at Grandma's
So cute in her red dress!!
Hanging with Uncle Gord(Jordan) on Christmas Eve.
With "Grant", Aubrey's great aunt Saralie(Zach's mom's sister).
Aubrey and Grandma
Stalking time!
In our new PJs!
Playing with Nicole, Saralie's daughter and Zach's cousin
Having fun with Opa!
Most of the Kliewer grandkids, missing is Jacob and Asher and the two more that are on the way!!
Opening MORE presents at Opa and Oma's house on Christmas Day eve.
Aubrey's gift from Opa and Oma.


Kimberley said...

i love all the pictures. aubrey is so squishable and lovable. miss you guys already. :o)
p.s. which siblings of yours are expecting again?? 2 more to come?

Astrid said...

Jen, love your pictures! The one of you and the Aub-meist in that towel is so incredibly cute, and you're lookin' guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud! :)