Just another week in Grenada...

I bet you are all wondering what happened to me in the last week. Well, true to Grenadian form, our internet had cut out on us. Five days of not being able to blog. You know how hard that was for me?! As a new blogger, and self-proclaimed blog stalker, life was really boring without my new best friend! After numerous calls to Cable and Wireless(internet place), endless days of agony, and one really rude voicemail message(left by me, I hate to admit); I, that is right, I fixed the internet! Look at me, how smart am I? Just a reconnection here and a few clicks of my mouse there and voila! It was back on(eat that Tom!!!). Needless to say, I'm quite proud of myself.
Well, other than improving my computer skills, a few things have happened in the past week. Zach and I, along with our American friends, celebrated our first American Thanksgiving. I still feel full thinking about it! We had quite the spread of all the traditional foods, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing...everything down to the pumpkin pie! It was a lot of fun. Seeing as to how Zach and I will most likely end up living in the States, we felt it was a really good "first time" experience to a holiday that we will now be celebrating for years to come!
That same night we visited our friends Peter and Sari who were, along with Thanksgiving, celebrating their 1st Wedding Anniversary. Peter, who stays back in New York to work while Sari studies to become a doctor, flew down for the occasion. We had a blast with them, watching their wedding video and eating leftover wedding cake(apparently mom isn't the only one who saves the tops of the cakes!!) that Peter smuggled in!
Zach also celebrated his 24th birthday on friday doing what he loves, studying! He had a final to study for(which he is writing right now...) and I know better than to try and argue with him over studying. I did make him his favorite dinner and some cinnamon rolls for breakfast(a mom Klaassen tradition that is Zach's favorite!), so hopefully he didn't have too bad of a day!
I also went to a Ladies Christmas Luncheon two weekends ago and that was a lot of fun. The girls from our church here on campus(C.S.A.) put it together. It was fun to get together with other women, students and SO's, and meet some new people as well.

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tom said...

Jen, just wanted to let you know Columbia is looking for someone right now with computer skills. :)

Anyways guys, I luv the blog! You're turning into geeks. I can't WAIT until we can all thoroughly enjoy 'Nick Burns: Your Company's Computer Guy'! Oh what a day that will be...what a day...

So yeah, thats it for now. I'll keep checken this blog out!