I have finally done it, I've started a blog!

Well, here it is, my blog. I've got to say, I'm quite proud of myself for figuring this out! I've had no excuse for not setting it up sooner. Just lazy I guess. I must have more Grenada in me then I thought! Well, that's an upsetting revelation.
Anyway, Zach and I are doing well. He is studying like crazy(surprise, surprise) and having a blast! Seriously, I've never seen someone more happy after putting in a 16 hour day of studying. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever witnessed anyone else studying for 16 hours before. I think that is about the equivalent of all my studying in five years of highschool! Like I said, he's crazy!
Me? Well I'm doing good too. Being that great pillar of strength for my husband...right! I am baking and cooking for him though, and he seems to appreciate it:) My days are usually filled with tv, sweating, running, sweating, cooking, sweating, tanning, sweating...you get the point!
It is a nice comfortable("feels like") 45C here today. I tell ya, nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit more then going outside and sweating your butt off! The only time it even feels remotely like Christmas is when we are in the "mall"(I use quotations for a reason. It's smaller than, and about as classy as, what the old West Oaks was!!). It is completely decked out for the holidays and they have the A/C cranking in there. so...if one uses their imagination well, one could think that they are in a cold climate and the pre-Christmas season is as it should be. I'll tell ya, the lengths I have to go to in this country!
Well, only 26 more days until we leave. I've been chanting that like a moto these past few days, and it seems as though I will continue to do so until we are home! I will do my best to keep up with the "blogging" and provide more frequent updates for everyone. Happy reading:)


Mary K said...

Did you get my first response? Had to do some signing up first--anyhow just was wondering if anyone can read what I am writing?

Mary K said...

It looks like I am now being published as well!! Anyhow, great job on the set up Jen. Looking forward to more additions.

saralie said...

Well, I don't think we are at 45 degree centigrade here in L.A. but it has been in the high 90's the last week or so, that's Farenheit, of course. So I too am not in the Christmas spirit although I seldom achieve that particular state of mind even in snow with the caroles playing. Damaged youth, perhaps?
Good job with the blogging set-up! Not telling what you are going to make of yourself, besides tanned, before this Carribean escapade is over with!!

jen 8-) said...

nice turtle pic, chica, hee hee! that's awesome you're back in canada for x-mas eh! oh, if you ever need a house sitter....just let me know ;-) thanks for the invite to the blog, i've got one too....but i was born with the caribbean mentality so you can imagine how current it is 8-)) well, have a chi chi (or 5 ;-) for me and enjoy the waves 8-)

Keri said...

It's a blistering 9 degrees here! I spend half of my day sweating too. Ha ha, I wish. Zach, have you declared your specialty yet? Are you learning any local recipes Jen? Have a great Christmas guys.

marcy said...

Well, first of all Jen, I can't get over the fact that you even know what a blog is! Just jokes. Anyway, just to let you know that this blog is quite a commitment. We the people will be expecting you to be blogging on a regular basis. Oh, I really appreciate the pictures! I'd love to see some pics as well of your friends. And by the way, what are those two turtles doing? Alrighty, well can't wait to read some more of your blogs!

saralie said...

Just want to be the first blogger to wish you, Zach, a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Note the caps....its a LINER tradition). Hope it is your best yet and be sure to drink a rum punch for me......after you have done all your studying of course!!
Will you celebrate our Thanksgiving tomorrow even though you are in Grenada? It is a U.S. school, after all, and wouldn't some nice roast turkey (do they even exist there??) be a good change from fish?
Play hard on your birthday....make him get away from the books for awhile, Jen!